Being Digitally savvy empowers seniors to remain connected and engaged

We equip seniors with digital tools and training  to overcome the isolation and loneliness and stay active and productive as they age, making ageing well possible. 

Isolation and loneliness leads to physical and mental decline.

 Many of our seniors feel isolated and lost in our digital age. They feel that time has passed them by and while the world is moving at the speed of tech, they feel isolated and lost in this digital age. Physical isolation leads to a lack of mental stimuli and physical activity, which leads them to become more frail, alive but without the spark for life. We build technology and create programs to restore their dignity, dreams and give them back their voice. Learn more about what we do here 

Our Mission
Ageing Well Made Possible

Our Mission

To end senior isolation and disconnectedness, one screen at a time.

The Silver Surfer Initiative

Our flagship digital empowerment program has equipped more than 300 seniors  like Auntie Rosalind to overcome their perceived physical and mental limitations to Go for their mountain and climb Mount Faber and now she even wants to  learn to play the piano! 

Get Online

We help Auntie Rosalind and her friends get online with their mobile devices and log on to our channels.

Get Connected

Through our daily exercise program, Auntie Rosalind gets physically stronger and gets used to using her mobile device. 

Get Engaged

Along with the excercise program, we further engage Auntie Rosalind with quizzes and polls,, incentivizing her to learn digital skills and get involved.


As Auntie Rosalind physically stronger and more tech savvy, she gains the confidence to help others and inspire them to grow together.

“Finally when I can go up the hill, I felt very happy. Don’t need to be down here looking up at people and envying them.”
Rosalind Phoon,
85 Years Old

Senior Journey To Personal Empowerment

Go For Your Mountain

Our flagship celebration of Seniors living their best life. Seniors join a program to train together and eventually come together to climb mount faber. for a day of community fun and overcoming obstacles .

Go For Your Mountain 2019 Highlights

Efficient, sustainable,
life-changing impact.

Starting with our daily programming, we seek to place a digital device in the hands of every senior in order to get them started on their journey out of isolation through digital empowerment. This allows our donors to maximize impact in partnership with a trusted organisation.