25 Jan – 10 Feb 2021

What is the Chinese New Year contest?

  1. Follow-along exercises to stay fit
  2. How to take care of ageing bodies
  3. What to eat to stay healthy
  4. How to use technology to keep relevant
  5. How to bond with different generations

How to participate in the Chinese New Year Contest

  1. Watch the daily videos that will be WhatsApp-ed to participants every weekday, 8.30am, from 25 Jan (Mon) to 10 Feb (Weds). 
  2. Participants are to WhatsApp message Empower Ageing no: 96320057 the total number of hongbaos that appeared in the day’s video. 
  3. For the entry to be valid, it must be sent to Empower Ageing by 11.59pm of the same day as when the video link was sent to participants.


Why have this Chinese New Year contest?

2020 has been a trying year for many seniors as they have had to struggle with social isolation and a steep learning curve in going digital.

Empower Ageing started online programmes in May 2020 and we have been pleasantly surprised by the positive reception we have been receiving from the seniors who have joined us online. To date, we have recruited 150 seniors from all around Singapore, with our oldest member at a formidable age of 90! 

The Chinese New Year contest is a way to continue keeping seniors engaged mentally and socially in a fun and relevant way.