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GYM2020: #OnlineGYMChallenge

12 Oct - 30 Oct 2020

What is the #OnlineGYMChallenge?

  • #OnlineGYMChallenge is a free 3-week online programme for seniors to continue keeping fit, staying healthy, and remain connected to a community, despite safe distancing measures during COVID-19.

  • Participants will receive WhatsApp messages (in both English and Chinese) from Empower Ageing every weekday from 12 Oct (Mon) to 30 Oct (Fri) with links to YouTube videos of 20 – 30 minutes long that cover the below contents:

  • Follow-along exercises to stay fit

  • How to take care of ageing bodies

  • What to eat to stay healthy

  • How to use technology to keep relevant

  • How to bond with different generations

  • The YouTube videos will be hosted on Empower Ageing’s YouTube channel: https://tinyurl.com/GymTransformationOnline

  • YouTube channel: https://tinyurl.com/GymTransformationOnline

How to participate in #OnlineGYMChallenge

  • 2 simple steps:
  • Add Empower Ageing’s WhatsApp business account number to your phone’s contacts: +65 9632 0057
  • Send Empower Ageing a WhatsApp message with your name
  • Participants may join the #OnlineGYMChallenge at any time. Participants will be sent WhatsApp messages for the remainder of the programme, from the point when they join.


Contests and Prizes

    • To incentivize seniors to participate as well as to keep them engaged, there are 5 contests with cash prizes throughout the duration of the #OnlineGYMChallenge.

    • Seniors may participate in all 4 contests and can win prizes from all 4 contests.

    • Seniors will be notified by WhatsApp on 4 November 2020 (Wed), after the #OnlineGYMChallenge is over, informing them the total cash prize amount that they have won from all the contests they participated in during the #OnlineGYMChallenge.

    • The 4 contests are:

      • Contest 1: From 30 Sept 2020 (Wed)

        • The first 100 seniors who add Empower Ageing’s number to their phone contacts, and send a message to Empower Ageing, will receive $5 each.

      • Contest 2: From 9th Oct 2020 (Fri)

        • The first 100 seniors who reply Empower Ageing’s WhatsApp message with “Ageing well is possible!” will win $10 each.

      • Contest 3: From 12 Oct 2020 (Mon)

        • There will be 1 unique code shown in each of the 15 videos throughout the duration of the programme. Top 30 seniors who message Empower Ageing the most number of accurate unique codes by 23:59 on 30 Oct 2020 (Fri), will win:

          • 1st to 3rd: $200 each

          • 4th to 6th: $150 each

          • 7th to 10th: $100 each

          • 11th to 20th: $50 each

          • 21st to 30th: $20 each

        • Entries of the day’s unique code will only be counted valid if they are submitted by 23:59 of that day, i.e. Submission of Tuesday’s code will only be considered valid if it is submitted to Empower Ageing by Tuesday 23:59.

      • Contest 4: On 24 Oct 2020 (Sat)

        • The first 50 seniors who reply Empower Ageing’s 12pm message with “Yes” to join Empower Ageing’s WhatsApp groups for seniors, will win $15 each.

        • Existing seniors already in Empower Ageing’s WhatsApp groups will not be eligible for this contest, but will also be given $15 each for their early participation in Empower Ageing’s WhatsApp groups.

    • Winners will be asked if they prefer to receive their cash prize via digital transfer, or offline methods. Empower Ageing will award each winner’s prize according to their preferred method.

Why #OnlineGYMChallenge?

Every year, Empower Ageing holds a fun-filled day in October for seniors called “Go For Your Mountain” (GYM), where we climb up Mount Faber together as a way of celebrating the truth that ageing well is possible.

This year, even though we are not able to gather due to COVID-19, we still want to connect with seniors to build community while keeping fit. #OnlineGYMChallenge allows us to do that and even more – while scaling Mount Faber is not possible for now, it is instead replaced with another figurative mountain for seniors to conquer – the challenge of going digital!